Scripture & Worship for All Neurotypes

Welcome to The SWAN Church!

We’re glad you found us. We are a nondenominational online church where everyone is welcome. 

SWAN stands for Scripture & Worship for All Neurotypes. When we say “All Neurotypes,” we’re talking about people with different kinds of brains, whether autistic, ADHD, C-PTSD, Down, even people in the neuro-majority. Also, since gender diversity and sexual orientation are hard-wired into our DNA before we’re born, “All Neurotypes” also includes everyone across the LGBTQIA spectrum. 

Whoever you are, you belong.

One knows faith through the heart.
~ The Veda

Here at The SWAN Church you’ll find videos talking about the major world religions, scripture readings from their holy books, and words of encouragement and hope. What you won’t find here is politics, hate speech, offering plates, or judgment. We won’t ask you for money or tell you who to vote for. Worship at The SWAN Church is not associated with any one faith or group. If you follow or are drawn to a particular faith, or to no faith at all, you are welcome here. 

We love you just the way you are, and you belong, no mask required.

About Wendela Whitcomb Marsh

Hi, my name is Wendela Whitcomb Marsh, but you can call me Wendy, or Pastor Wendy if you prefer. I'm an ordained minister and I hold a religious studies doctorate in pastoral counseling, with a specialization in autism. You may watch my video or read about me below.


The SWAN Church provides online videos of nondenominational Scripture & Worship for All Neurotypes