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Holi is a Hindu holiday observed in India for centuries, and by Indian people around the world. Also called the Festival of Colors, it celebrates Spring, love, and fertility.

On the eve of Holi many Indian communities build large pyres where people can toss twigs and leaves to be consumed by the fire, symbolically burning evil spirits.

The next day, on Holi, people gather, often dressed in white, and throw colored powder called gulal on each other. It’s a joyous celebration, with special meaning for each of the colors thrown. The color red is for love and fertility, blue represents Lord Krishna, the Hindu god of protection and compassion. Yellow is associated with turmeric, saffron, and knowledge. Green symbolizes new beginnings.

Holi is a joyful time for families, friends, and neighbors to gather together, eat sweets, and dance to traditional music.

Whether you celebrate Holi, or have another way of welcoming Spring, or none at all, I celebrate you. You are worthy just as you are, with no mask required.